Kin Choi, Chief Human Resources Officer (retired) of the Department of National Defence, joins Knockri as an Executive Advisor

TORONTO, ON, February 13, 2024Knockri, a pioneering asynchronous interview assessment tool dedicated to streamlining the hiring process and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, proudly announces the appointment of Mr. Kin Choi as an Executive Advisor. This strategic move further fortifies Knockri’s work in the public sector and their commitment to fostering a fair and inclusive hiring landscape. 


With over 30 years of distinguished leadership in Canada’s prominent federal organizations, such as National Defence, ESDC, CBSA, CRA, and Health Canada, Mr. Kin Choi emerges as a stalwart figure in the public sector. His last position at the Department of National Defence involved overseeing a personnel strength of over 30,000, comprising both civilian and armed forces. During this tenure, Mr. Choi leveraged Knockri’s innovative platform to launch an Executive Program to significantly increase representation of Black leaders. Such firsthand experience underscores the efficacy of Knockri’s asynchronous interview assessment tool in streamlining hiring and promotion procedures. 


Mr. Choi’s extensive experience also extends to his tenure as Assistant Deputy Minister of Compliance, Operations, and Program Development at the Department of Employment and Social Development Canada. Here, he played a pivotal role in the administration and program delivery of key acts, including the Employment Equity Act, the Wage Earner Protection Program, and the Government Employee Compensation Act. As ADM Human Resources – Civilian, Mr. Choi championed a cultural shift towards diversity and inclusive hiring practices. 


“Bringing Kin Choi on board as an Executive Advisor underscores Knockri’s commitment to driving positive change in the hiring landscape. His wealth of experience and dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion align seamlessly with our mission,” states Faisal Ahmed, Co-founder and CTO, Knockri. 


Mr. Choi’s global leadership recognition in the public sector is highlighted by leading Canadian delegations to China, Korea, and Thailand. He has chaired and participated in numerous federal and intergovernmental committees, receiving accolades such as the Queen’s University Lifetime Achievement Award for the HR Industry and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal for Outstanding Public Service. 


“Knockri’s dedication to promoting diversity and fairness aligns with my own professional values. I am excited to contribute to their mission of creating a more inclusive hiring process that dramatically improves the speed and quality of hires as well as a great candidate experience,” comments Kin Choi. 


This announcement comes as Knockri continues to make strides in revolutionizing hiring practices, with partners experiencing a 25% increase in racial and gender diversity and a 60% reduction in time and cost to hire. 

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Knockri is an asynchronous interview assessment tool that prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion through responsible AI. Partner organizations witness a 25% increase in racial and gender diversity and a 60% reduction in time and cost to hire. Recognized as Innovator of the Year by Ascend, Knockri collaborates with leading enterprises such as Shopify, IBM, and Novartis to create equitable candidate experiences globally. Connect with Knockri on LinkedIn or book a demo to learn more. 

Assistant Deputy Minister (Human Resources – Civilian) - Kin Choi