Measure what matters most

Choose what to evaluate through a skills framework that guides your assessment. Leverage Knockri’s premade framework or adapt your own.


4.7/5 Avg. Candidate Rating

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Skills are the core of talent selection

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Accurately evaluate the skills you want to hire for

Skills and the behaviors associated with them are scientifically defined for consistent and reliable scoring.

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Guided by Industrial Organizational Psychology

Skills frameworks are validated and verified by an I/O Psychologist to ensure the best performance prediction.

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Smooth configuration and setup

Easily create or adapt your own skills frameworks to fit your role.

Use the skills framework that suits your needs

Use your own framework
Use the Knockri framework

Create assessments with the right foundation, right away

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From skill frameworks to scores

Once a candidate completes their assessment, you can view their scores broken down by skill and relevant behaviors. Every score is explainable and backed by data.

Make informed, data-driven, transparent decisions you can explain to candidates, managers and other stakeholders

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Robert Gibby

“We trust Knockri's ability to combine the right mix of science and technology to create inclusive assessment experiences with results predictive of success.”

Robert Gibby, Phd SIOP Fellow, Director, People Analytics - Facebook, ex-Chief Talent Scientist, IBM


Yes! Knockri can integrate with any ATS. You will build your assessment in our dashboard and link it to your own internal requisitions. From there, you can continue working with your ATS like you normally would.  

No problem! Knockri’s Recruiter Dashboard can fully function as a stand-alone product, meaning you don’t need an ATS to use it. 

We help reduce unconscious bias during the hiring process in three specific ways: 

  1. Our magic quadrant research methodology shows that behavioural assessments increase diversity without sacrificing performance prediction in comparison to other assessment types, such as cognitive ability assessments. Although behavioural assessments can be expensive and time-consuming, we’ve automated the process which allows you to use them earlier on in the recruitment process instead of other selection procedures known to negatively impact diversity.  
  2. We reduce recruiter bias by ensuring every candidate gets exactly the same assessment. We found that unstructured interviews allow for human bias to creep its way into the selection process. By using a structured behavioural interview process, we use this automation to ensure that none of your typical bias is present, which gives every candidate a fair chance in the selection process. 
  3. We train our machine learning to score candidates through objective data that has not been subject to human biases. In data science, there is a general understanding of what happens when the data used to train models is biased — garbage in, garbage out.  Since machine learning models learn from data that we feed to them, any bias that exists in that data will translate through the use of machine learning. This is why we ensure our machine learning is only taught objective data that hasn’t been subject to human biases, and does not include historical hiring patterns. 

We provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all candidates. For inquiries submitted between 9am – 9pm (EST) Monday to Friday, technical issues are resolved within the hour. Outside of those hours, our team will resolve the issue within 3 hours. This includes weekends (Saturday & Sunday).