Candidate FAQ

Assessment Experience

In your Knockri assessment, you’re going to be asked interview questions based on your previous experiences. Things like “Tell me about a time you overcame a challenge” or “Describe a time you helped someone in need.”

When answering, we want you to describe what you did, step-by-step. Tell us as much as you can within the time limit. It’s okay to repeat yourself, pause to collect your thoughts, or even start your sentence again. Most importantly, have fun with this and make sure to focus on what you did during your experience.

The Knockri assessment aims to ensure a fair and bias-free screening process. Knockri allows organizations to provide every candidate applying for a role with an assessment that is administered and scored in the exact same way, ensuring a standardized testing process that is fair and equitable for all candidates. When creating Knockri, we kept four dimensions in mind: structure, accuracy, convenience, and focus on merit. Every candidate is assessed based on the same set of skills required for a job in the same way. This structure is what makes assessments for different candidates consistent, comparable, and fair. You can complete assessments on any device anywhere with an internet connection, at your own pace and convenience. We’re committed to eliminating bias in hiring, so we only evaluate the content of your response transcript. This means you’re scored based on what you say, not how you look, sound, or speak.

Please be sure to find a quiet place to focus. Come prepared as you would with any other job interview. Be sure to research the position and company, review the job posting, and speak to it during your assessment. We also recommend you complete the practice questions before starting your assessment, take notes, and give enough time to answer each question. You may also redo the practice questions as many times as you wish until you feel comfortable with the platform.

You can do well by speaking authentically, clearly, and at a reasonable pace. There’s no need to rehearse your answers; speak naturally and treat the interview like a conversation. Don’t worry if you have a strong accent — our analysis is subject to strict quality control processes.

We also recommend that you make the best use of your allotted time and take notes as you go through your assessment. You can either use a pen and paper or the notes section within your assessment.

As this isn’t a typical interview, what you wear during your video assessment does not really matter. However, responses can be reviewed by recruiters to ensure quality assurance or to get to know you better before an in-person interview.

We value the importance of ensuring all candidates have a fair opportunity to complete their assessment. If you need additional time, resources, the use of assistive technologies, or any other accommodations, please contact the recruitment team.

If you need to take a break in the middle of your assessment, please wait until you have completed an assessment question: from the time you start or click play until you submit or upload your response. You can safely leave before, in-between and after assessment questions, or at any point in the practice phase. When you want to return, click the link in your invitation email and we will bring you back to where you left off.

The assessment’s format is based on the recruiters’ preferences and the job type. For some questions, a spoken response may be better than a written one. For written responses, recruiters may also like to see how you write your answers. 

We highly recommend that you review your practice questions so you can prepare yourself for the assessment and see how you answer the questions. After you’ve done this, you should feel confident in your answers. There is no option to review your assessment responses.

Some assessments offer the option to retry questions, which you can do if you feel like you missed the mark in your answer. Please note, these questions are not the same as the original question but will be similar. 

Assessments get locked when you navigate away from the webpage while in the middle of completing an assessment question: either by refreshing, clicking the back button, or closing your browser. This is done to ensure a fair assessment experience for everyone. 

To unlock your assessment, you will need to submit a support ticket so our team can conduct a review and grant you access. Support is available 24/7 for all candidates.

While only the content of your response is being analyzed, we believe that video is the best way to simulate an actual interview setting and it provides a better assessment experience for you. 

Knockri’s support team is available 24/7 for technical issues and assessment-related inquiries. You can contact us using the help widget during your assessment or at

If you have a question about the job, hiring process, or receiving accommodations, please contact the recruitment team.


Knockri only stores your name, email address, and assessment responses. These may include video files, audio files, or text files. We do not collect or store any other data about you.

We store your name in order to customize the assessment experience for you specifically. Your email address is stored to communicate assessment invitations, reminder emails, and any other information pertaining to your assessments. We will never reach out to you for other purposes. We also store your assessment responses in order to evaluate it for the purpose of your job application. While recruiters are able to review your responses, only the content of your response will be evaluated by our technology.

Your assessment responses, name, and email address are stored in an encrypted format on a secure cloud storage service.

Your data will be stored until either:

  1. The recruiter terminates their contract with Knockri; or,
  2. If you contact the recruiter with an explicit request to purge your data. The recruiter will then convey your request to us, and we will purge your data.

This will happen by whichever event occurs first.


Knockri’s technology detects your skills based solely on what you say in your assessment. Because your answers are transcribed after you complete your assessment, we are able to take your answers and draw links to job-related skills that are required for the position.

The only part of your video assessment that is being analyzed are your responses. We only review the content of what you’re saying. Race, gender, ethnicity, accents, or any other factors that may cause bias are not analyzed.

To complete your assessment, you will need to have a stable internet connection and a device that can access either Chrome, Firefox, or Safari web browsers. If you are completing a video assessment, you will also need a device with a built-in webcam, or an external webcam you can hook up to your device.

For more information on the technical requirements, please visit Supported Devices.

Absolutely not. Knockri does not detect anything that may cause bias in the recruitment process. We focus solely on the content of your answers as a measure of merit.

We want to make sure you get a fair chance to finish your assessment, which is why we’ve put measures in place to help with internet connection issues. In some cases you may be asked to download your response after you answer a question so that it can be uploaded at the end of the assessment. You won’t be able to open these files, but they will be safely stored in case of internet issues. If you get locked out of your assessment, simply open a support ticket and we’ll be happy to look into any issue.

We recommend a minimum internet speed of 512 kbps for the assessment. If your internet speed is slower, we still suggest you proceed with the assessment. If the platform is unable to upload your responses, it will save to your system locally, and you will be able to upload them later when you have a stronger internet connection.