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Knockri is an A.I. skills-based assessment tool that reduces bias and scientifically shortlists top performing candidates to interview.

Learn why Fortune 500s have chosen Knockri as their ethical A.I. solution to help reliably eliminate unsuccessful interviews.
Working with the world's leading brands

We are deeply committed to bringing down social barriers and enabling both individuals and organizations to reach their full potential.


Diminish Bias using Ethical A.I.

Recognize and stop biases before they happen. Employ our evidence-based artificial intelligence in your organization as a catalyst for social change, create a competitive edge and transform your talent acquisition function.

Reduce Cost and Time to Screen

Identify your star candidates and reduce the time spent in unsuccessful interviews. Reduce the cost to hire. Prompt an increase in post-hire retention and performance.

Assess Skills

Choose how you’d like to assess a candidate's skills with our video and written assessment tools. Assess for KPIs of a job role, hire top performers and eliminate unsuccessful interviews.

Future Proof for Tomorrow

Assess future proof skills, enable at risk teams the opportunity to mobilize internally and be up-skilled at scale.

How it works

We make it simple and ensure you hit the ground running with an elevated recruitment process

01. Create Assessment

Create your personas, choose your company’s KPI skills, leverage an industrial organizational psychology backed assessment framework on Knockri.

02. Deploy to Candidates

Remove manual processes and seamlessly deploy assessments. Trigger invitations prior or post your ATS knockout criteria. Our fluid integrations keep your workflow streamlined and sends automated email invitations.

03. Measure KPIs

Watch applicants complete your personalized video, written or audio-based assessment and see our AI-driven algorithm quantify their skills and competencies. Replace psychometric/behavioural quizzes and phone screening interviews with Knockri.

04. Interview Shortlists

Dive deep into applicant scores or simply review tailored shortlists of the best candidates. Diminish unsuccessful interviews, lighten your workload and seize top talent faster.

What our clients see

Using Knockri in the early screening and shortlisting process, organizations have seen


improved NPS*


reduction in cost to fill*


reduction in time to screen*


more diverse shortlists*

*Results are based on a sample size of 5000+ candidates being screened utilizing Knockri


Don't take our word for it, see what a company with 350k employees has to say about us

"In the new world of AI, we trust Knockri's ability to combine the right mix of science, theory, and technology to create inclusive assessment experiences with results predictive of success at IBM."

Robert Gibby, PhD

Chief Talent Scientist, Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology Fellow, IBM

Our Global Footprint


completed video assessments


unique job roles screened


more diverse shortlists


employees saved from displacement

See People, Not Just Resumes

Knockri's algorithm is blind and has been trained not to account for skin colour, race, ethnicity, gender, appearance or sexual preference as measures of desirability for a hire. Our mission is to help remove unconscious bias from hiring. We've mapped out Knockri to be an inclusive technology since it's inception, so you can use it to build a diverse and talented workforce through an equitable process.
Our story

Read what the world’s leading international education company has to say​

"We've seen how the Knockri shortlisted candidates have been performing highly... Both the quality of the candidates and the application experience itself have improved."

Martina Argine

Recruitment Manager, Online Teacher Services, EF

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A Canadian startup is using artificial intelligence to try to reduce bias in the hiring process. CBC News visited Knockri's headquarters to find out more about the promises its technology makes and the challenges it faces.
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Talent Transforming Technology

Knockri CEO invited to speak on Talent Transforming Technology alongside Alain Dehaze CEO Adecco Group, Prime Minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze, Minister of Higher Education - UAE Dr. Ahmad Belhoul & Carnegie Mellon University's OB Professor Anita Williams Woolley.
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How one firm is using AI to create a more diverse workforce

Jahanzaib Ansari, co-founder and CEO of Knockri, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss how his business is aiming to diminish unconscious biases during the hiring process and boost diversity in the workplace.
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