The Knockri Approach to Legal Defensibility​

Find out more about Knockri’s approach to legal defensibility.

  • What is Adverse Impact?
  • How is Adverse Impact Determined?
  • The Knockri Approach
  • How We Validate our AI-based Assessments
  • Content Validation Study
  • Criterion-Related
  • Validation Study

The Science of Knockri’s AI-Based Selection Procedures

Find out more about the science of Knockri’s AI-based selection procedures.​

  • What is Scientific Selection and Why Does it Matter?
  • Using Digitally Mediated Selection Procedures
  • Machine Learning (ML) for AI-Based Selection Procedures
  • How Knockri uses Machine Learning to Build AI-Selection Procedures

Discrimination in Hiring

Find out more about how to prevent discrimination in hiring.

  • What is Discrimination? ​
  • How Discrimination is Determined?
  • Why does discrimination occur?
  • Selection Procedures and Adverse Impact