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How QuadReal Hires Better Early Professional Talent More Quickly With Knockri


Real Estate Investment & Management



Knockri, a leading automated behavioral assessment platform, and QuadReal Property Group (QuadReal), the global real estate investment, operating, and development company, announced a strategic partnership aimed at transforming QuadReal’s talent acquisition process.

Increased diversity in short-listed candidates​
Reduced Time to Screen
Improved Candidate Experience

The Challenge

The company faced the challenge of consistently running recruitment campaigns to attract top industry talent while needing to streamline their talent acquisition process. The existing shortlisting process involved cognitive assessments and phone screening, but the company sought a modern and efficient solution to reduce time, cost, and unconscious bias in the early hiring stages. Furthermore, with a global presence and hundreds of open positions, the company required a fully remote solution to improve their net promoter score and ensure the quality of hires. Overcoming these challenges and finding a solution that could meet their unique needs proved to be a significant endeavor for the company. 

Visible minorities were screened out more often than other groups

Visible minorities, Indigenous Peoples, and Persons with Disabilities experienced less success than other groups at the reference check stage

Black candidates made up 10% of job applicants but only 6.6% of those hired 

"It was great! ​ Very different and unique experience. Absolutely enjoyed it and loved the choice of questions!"​

– Anonymous Candidate

The Knockri Solution​

A rendering of the Knockri assessment on three devices: a laptop, tablet, and mobile phone.

The company implemented Knockri’s asynchronous remote skills assessment to modernize their talent acquisition process. This innovative solution included customized video and written assessments, resulting in a higher Net Promoter Score (NPS). Knockri’s tool allowed for effective shortlisting of top candidates, eliminating unsuccessful interviews and enabling more quality time with promising talent. By replacing outdated cognitive assessments and phone screenings, and utilizing Knockri’s scientific AI assessments and interview scheduler, the company streamlined their process, quantified high-performing skills, and made more informed hiring decisions, ultimately improving their talent acquisition process.

"…I was particularly impressed by the speed of the response. It took less than a day to hear back from the employer, it always takes weeks or even months of waiting to get to the first interview step. This experience has left me with a very positive image of QuadReal as a company…"​

–Anonymous Candidate

The Outcome

Knockri played a pivotal role in transforming the talent acquisition process of the global real estate giant, resulting in reduced time to fill positions. Through its innovative assessments, Knockri helped uncover better performing and diverse talent that may have been overlooked in the past.










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