Hire diverse & high-performing talent for your team

Increase quality of hire quickly and objectively with Knockri’s video interview assessment platform.

Assessments are objective by design and evaluate candidates solely on skill. Our partners see improved candidate experience and organically increased diversity recruiting at scale – all while making their hiring process more efficient.

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Align Diversity
With Hiring

Weak selection compliance has allowed systemic bias to perpetuate in hiring. This forces DEI initiatives to compensate or selection ratios to slip just to manage adverse impact

by Design

We completely remove systemic bias when determining skill, by objectively evaluating the content in the transcript of a structured behavioural interview

Fixated on

Our algorithms evaluate only one thing, the content in a transcript because we believe that scoring should be transparent and only based on merit

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How It Works

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A Memorable Candidate Experience

What Customers See After Using Knockri

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