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Let's make your recruiting process simple, quick and bias-free.
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Jahanzaib Ansari

We make it simple and ensure you hit the ground running with an elevated recruitment process

01. Create Assessment

Create your personas, choose your company’s KPI skills, leverage an industrial organizational psychology backed assessment framework on Knockri.

02. Deploy to Candidates

Remove manual processes and seamlessly deploy assessments. Trigger invitations prior or post your ATS knockout criteria. Our fluid integrations keep your workflow streamlined and sends automated email invitations.

03. Measure KPIs

Watch applicants complete your personalized video assessment and see our AI-driven algorithm quantify their soft skills and competencies. Replace psychometric/behavioural quizzes and phone screening interviews with Knockri.

04. Interview Shortlists

Dive deep into applicant scores or simply review tailored shortlists of the best candidates. Diminish unsuccessful interviews, lighten your workload and seize top talent faster.

Why Knockri would be a great fit for TD

With 50+ positions open on your website you’re in the thick of the battle for top talent, but so are your competitors. Knockri clients routinely see a 20%+ increase in post hire retention and performance.

TD has a recruiting process that is enticing for finding top talent but with so many different vendors it can be hard to navigate. Similar organizations use Knockri's video assessment tool to amplify the effectiveness and outcomes of these spends.

By using Knockri, customers have already seen:


Reduced cost to fill a position


Improved quality of hire


Higher NPS score


Increased diversity of candidates

What customers are saying

“We’ve seen how the Knockri shortlisted candidates have been performing highly within the teaching center. Both the quality of the candidates and the application experience itself have improved.”


Martina Argine

Recruitment Manager, Online Teacher Services

“In the new world of AI, we trust Knockri’s ability to combine the right mix of science, theory, and technology to create inclusive assessment experiences with results predictive of success at IBM.”



Robert Gibby, PhD

Chief Talent Scientist,
Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology Fellow

We’re excited to be working with Knockri at the leading edge of HR technology – harnessing AI in the right way will help us to recruit faster, better and more equitably.  By helping to prioritize candidates near the top of the funnel as well as gather critical information early on, our recruiters are able to spend more quality time with our most promising candidates.”



Dr. Ha-Neul Seo

Director, Global Recruitment and Employee Development

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