How Knockri is making virtual interviews even better in 2022

Being halfway through 2022, the team here at Knockri thought it was time to share what updates and additions we’ve made to improve both our assessments and hiring dashboard.

In this article, you’ll find an overview of important updates and resources that have been put together over the past six months to improve the efficiency, security, candidate experience, and accessibility of our platform.

We value transparency and openness — just take a look at our glass box AI — and hope that by sharing these updates, you can get a peek at the amazing work our team does to make the hiring process fairer and easier for everyone.

Accessibility Updates for Candidates

As an inclusion-driven company, it’s important that everyone can use Knockri’s video interviewing platform. So far this year, we’ve introduced improvements for users with accessibility concerns.

Contrast for Readability

An important first step to using Knockri assessments is adding personalizations so that candidates see your company’s brand. No matter your brand colors, customized assessment colors are checked against WCAG 2.1 accessibility guidelines to ensure text is readable for all users. Users receive immediate feedback on the contrast ratio of their colors and can adjust them as needed. Button text will automatically switch between black and white to provide proper contrast.

Color pickers for primary and secondary brand colors, with accessibility tools to ensure proper contrast with text.

Failsafes for Slow or Disconnected Internet

The internet is a wonderful thing, but it also has its moments of downtime. Candidates who are in the process of completing an assessment when their internet connectivity slows or completely disconnects are prompted to download their responses and upload them at the end of the assessment. Candidates are reassured and responses are saved — a win-win.

Improvements for Low-Vision and Vision-Impaired Users

A major goal for Team Knockri over the past year has been to learn more about and update our product for users who use assistive technology, beginning with those who have vision impairments. We introduced sound alerts to our assessments as another notification prompt of response recording beginning and ending.

We also worked with the Ontario College of Arts and Design and Toronto startup Fable to evaluate our assessment platform and optimize it for screen reader users. Fable’s Accessible Usability Scale scored the Knockri assessment a 70, indicating our platform is easy to use and compatible with screen readers.

Administrative Updates for Recruiters

Of course, updating the recruiter side of Knockri goes hand-in-hand with updates for candidates. This year has seen some highly anticipated additions grace recruiter screens.

Terms and Conditions Across the World

Online recruitment and remote positions mean you could be interviewing and hiring employees from the other side of the globe. Knockri’s Terms and Conditions for candidates are ready-made in all our supported languages — English, French, and Spanish — as both Standard and GDPR Terms and Conditions. The correct Terms and Conditions template will populate depending on chosen assessment language, no manual input required.

One Invite Per Candidate

Worried you might invite the same candidate twice? You can rest easy knowing that we have checks in place to ensure ATS candidate IDs are unique within each requisition and there are never any duplicate invites. Not using an ATS candidate ID? No problem, we also have a warning to let you know if you’re adding someone with an existing email address.

Easy Email Template Personalization

Candidates are excited to hear from you. Keeping them in the loop keeps them invested in your recruitment process, and providing a roadmap of what the hiring process looks like helps manage expectations. That’s why Knockri automates candidate emails for assessment invitations, reminders, extension notifications, and more. We’ve made the experience of adding candidate-relevant information regarding the assessment or job more intuitive so that you can create highly personalized emails for your candidates.

A gif of typing in an email field and choosing a dynamic variable from a drop-down menu that appears.

SMS Invites

When one of our customers requested this feature, it made perfect sense: SMS messages are convenient and, in some cases, used more than email. Candidate phone numbers can be added while importing them from an ATS or later in the process. With the click of a button, assessment invitations can be sent to any number of applicants via both email and SMS text. SMS invitations are available in English, French, and Spanish, based on the assessment language.

The Help Desk Redesign

Every new feature and process we implement is reflected in up-to-date Help Desk articles, but this year we redesigned the Help Desk itself, as well. Easily search for the help you need, navigate to the appropriate article, or send a support ticket from any page.

The landing page of the Knockri Help Desk, including a search bar and categories containing articles.

Alongside the Help Desk update, we also created a series of How-To videos as an audiovisual counterpart to the written articles.

Play Video about A Knockri How-To video showing how to register your account and manage users.

Security Updates

Knockri achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification this year, demonstrating our commitment to information security. We also have two security-specific administration features on the recruiter side of things to keep information safe.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Users with MFA enabled are prompted to enter a code sent via SMS or use an authenticator app upon login to our recruiter portal. If workflows change, this authentication can be removed and updated.

A security interface where users can enable two-factor authentication for their account, alongside a screenshot of a text message containing a code to enter.

User Account Deactivation

If someone no longer requires access to the recruitment dashboard, their account can be easily deactivated to streamline administration and minimize security risks.

Streamlining the Hiring Dashboard

This is the big one. Assessments are the heart of Knockri and where the biggest feature updates and adjustments are made as we continue improving. Especially with an ATS-managed hiring process, assessment creation is where recruiters and hiring managers spend most of their time with Knockri. This process is now easier than ever.

Assessment Cloning

Assessments are based on skill frameworks customized to each company and validated by Knockri’s Science Team to meet our best practices and requirements. All the work that goes into making a single assessment perfect can be cloned and edited for subsequent requisitions with the click of a button.

Assessments in a Few Clicks

Knockri has over 45,000 job titles in our database of personas. Easily create assessments for any of these positions in just a few clicks, checking and unchecking boxes to customize which skills to evaluate within your customized skill framework. See the assessment skill breakdown in real time and immediately adjust assessment length accordingly.

Question Management

If assessments are the heart of Knockri, then questions are the heart of every assessment. Drag-and-drop scientifically validated questions into assessments in any language with ease and adjust how much time candidates will have to prepare and respond to them. Question videos are saved to Knockri’s Question Bank, but can also be customized to every assessment and downloaded for later use. The assessment builder is your sandbox to create the perfect hiring process.

Updates for the Rest of 2022 and Beyond

At the beginning of this post, we mentioned the importance of transparency. This update is one way to be open about our process and what goes into Knockri. Another way is in our product itself — opening the black box of AI, so to speak. But you’ll have to wait until our next update post to hear more about that.

For more frequent Knockri updates, be sure to connect with us on social media.

Knockri’s mission is to promote efficiency and equitability in hiring so that everyone has a fair shot. Whether it’s ensuring our platform is accessible to as many users as possible, making assessment creation easier, or streamlining account administration, every part of our process is approached with the goal of improving recruitment from both a recruiter and a candidate perspective. Learn how Knockri can integrate with your talent acquisition process by booking a demo today.