Why AI recruitment is a tremendous step for hiring top candidates now

Artificial intelligence is transforming the HR industry as more and more companies incorporate AI solutions into their talent acquisition process. AI tools have massive potential when it comes to recruiting, helping recruitment teams win the war for talent, ensuring the best fit, speeding up hiring, and automating the process. Moreover, AI tools are designed to help you quickly and seamlessly switch your talent acquisition to a fully remote process

So what is AI recruiting and how can you leverage this tool to automate the recruitment process?

What Is AI for Recruitment? 

AI for recruitment is the integration of artificial intelligence into the recruitment process, tackling the most time- and resource-consuming aspects of it. By automating repetitive and high-volume tasks during the pre-screening of thousands of candidates, AI recruiting tools improve the entire workflow. 

AI pre-employment assessment tools use algorithms to understand data points from candidate responses. For example, Knockri’s video-based skills assessment tool looks at the content of what a candidate is saying and evaluates the behaviors being discussed. Not all video-based assessments are built equal, however. Some solutions analyze emotions, tonality, and speech. Knockri’s assessments do not. 

The Benefits of Using AI in Recruitment

AI is changing the way companies attract, hire, and retain talent. This technology is here for good, so we’ve created a list of benefits AI can have for recruiters.

Improve Quality of Hire

Quality of hire has always been one of the most important yet challenging recruitment KPIs.

AI technology lets recruiters hire top candidates based on the requirements for a specific role. It matches the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and experience with job requirements based on previously collected and processed data. 

Finding the best fit for the position also helps reduce employee turnover. More productive employees that are the best fit for the position and are happy in the role are less likely to leave the organization. 

Reduce Time and Cost to Hire

Many recruiters still manually screen resumes to shortlist candidates for the role. This part of the hiring process is usually the most time-consuming. As a result, recruiters are overwhelmed with the volume of resumes and may lose top candidates who have accepted a job offer from another company able to move faster. 

Applying AI enables companies to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks and speed up the recruiting process. It reduces time and cost to hire, helps eliminate unsuccessful interviews, and facilitates more quality time with the most promising candidates. 

AI for recruiting is usually designed to seamlessly integrate with your current ATS system and automate a part of your existing recruiting process for minimum disruption.

Adapt to a Fully Remote Hiring Process

COVID-19 continues to influence the way we work and remote hiring is on the rise. Companies are looking for the best solutions that will help them screen candidates remotely. 

New tech like AI has allowed recruiters to access an international pool of top talent and made the process efficient and safe. HR teams can automate screening candidates online and manage the remote hiring process. 

Improve Diversity & Inclusion

Improving Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace is one of the highest priorities for many HR teams today. At the same time, eliminating bias from the recruiting process is challenging. We are all exposed to cultural stereotypes and systemic biases that have been cultivated for decades. Moreover, D&I initiatives can be costly. This is where you can leverage AI solutions.

Ethical AI helps reduce bias during the hiring process. If the dataset is built from scratch, it avoids inherent bias and has high reliability of representation of people. It’s blind to an individual’s ethnicity, gender, appearance, or sexual preference. 

Create an Award-Winning Candidate Experience

The candidate experience is a core element of the recruiting process, but usually, recruiters don’t have enough time to communicate with each candidate and manually send them a message. AI technology helps create a vibrant experience for your candidates.

AI skills assessment tools help bridge the gap between the HR team and the candidate by creating a more personal interaction. No more worrying about phone screenings or psychometrics assessments, which may take considerable time for you and your candidates. Candidates can now enjoy a seamless process, fast responses, and quicker hiring decisions. It’s a win-win.

Summing Up

HR teams can benefit from the incorporation of AI in the recruitment process. It can be done quickly and seamlessly and helps automate the hiring process, reduce time and cost to hire, and improve diversity. 

With AI tools, HR teams can transform their talent acquisition function into a fully remote process. Artificial intelligence is currently transforming the HR industry and is here to stay.

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