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One of the main reasons we use behavioural assessments versus cognitive or personality assessments is because we’ve seen that these assessments reduce bias and provide candidates from subgroup categories with more equitable opportunities.

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Leverage AI Technology to Improve Diversity

Leverage AI technology to scientifically and responsibly shortlist top-performing candidates. Use it to build a diverse and talented workforce through an equitable process.

Reduce Cost and Time to Hire

Make your recruitment process more cost and time-efficient by eliminating the need of resume reviews, phone screenings and administrative tasks. Spend more quality time with your most promising candidates

Make the Recruitment Process Easier

Easily create writing tasks and use AI algorithms to set up KPIs and make evaluations quickly and effectively. This will save you time and money, and make the recruitment process easier for non-technical recruiters.

Improve the Candidate Experience

Bridge the gap between candidates and recruiters by creating a more personal experience. Ensure you leave your candidates with a lasting impression.

Custom Labeled

Our candidate assessment platform is completely custom labeled. This allows you to include your company branding and promote what makes your company uniquely you. Our assessment has the flexibility to seamlessly integrate into your process so candidates feel like they never left your ecosystem.

Candidate's Experience

Our assessment design is centered around the candidate experience and provides every opportunity to immerse them in the pre-screening process. Intro and outro videos are built in to significantly help personalize the experience and candidates are freely guided through the assessment with practice questions, interview tips and a tour of the platform.

24/7 Support

Our support team is available at any time to assist candidates with their assessment. Knockri guarantees to take care of all technical issues with a high degree of quality and care. Feel at ease knowing your candidates are in good hands.


Knockri's assessments have been used by candidates across the globe. We currently offer assessments in English, French and Spanish with many more to come.

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